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residential real estate in Spain
New construction

New buildings from developers – it´s opportunity to purchase a modern, well-designed and comfortable housing at the initial stage of construction at a better price.

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Building plots - in the city and on the coast. An apartment building, a complex of townhouses or a hotel. Projects with requested license or from the ground up, considering your wishes.

Reconstruction and change of purpose of already finished buildings. The opportunity to obtain a guarantee of 15% per year.

Construction in Spain with DPI Retail

DPI Retail implements projects for the development of residential and commercial properties in Spain, as well as for the reconstruction and change of destination of buildings to obtain highly profitable property.

Spain is a dynamic development property market. The constantly increasing prices guarantee stable profits. Even if property prices fall during a crisis, they rapid return and exceed their pre-crisis levels. The most popular tourist destination in the world, ancient classics bordering on new technologies, the location of the headquarters of the world's largest technology giants - all this helps to attract investment in the construction and reconstruction of entire districts.

Once, areas of Barcelona such as Poble Nou, Mina and others in the Sant Martí district were not considered the most suitable for living, much less for recreation. But times change, and entire districts are changed and rebuilt. The area is now home to a host of new hotels, office buildings, and modern apartment complexes.

€ 1,700,000,000 were invested in office properties in Barcelona in 2019. 54% of them are in new and construction projects.

DPI specialists anticipate and calculate all possible options for making a profit by investing in construction.

Construction in Spain with DPI Retail